Botulinum Toxin has been used in the medical world for over 20 years and Botulinum Toxin Type A  -Azzalure or Botox -is the most widely used and reliable options for treatment of dynamic lines ie wrinkles and has been used in the cosmetic industry for over 10 years.

It is injected into the muscles responsible for causing wrinkles and relaxes them and therefore softens the dynamic lines caused by their continuous movement.

Static lines will not usually respond to treatment as they are not caused by muscle activity but may improve somewhat over a period of repeated treatments. Effectiveness is dependent on the strength of the muscles injected and individual response.

It therefore may take time to determine the best doses and sites for any one person.

The most commonly treated areas are the forehead, glabella area (frown area between the eyebrows) and crow’s feet.

The forehead should always be treated in conjunction with the glabella.

Full effect can take up to 2 weeks but there should be a noticeable improvement after 2-3 days and the benefits of treatment last between 3-4 months.